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About Me

My Background

Cobalt Blue Baroque Glass

I grew up in Florida and studied art at  Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. I have been a  professional stained glass artist for more than 25 years. I recently  moved back to my home state from my long-time studio in Pennsylvania's  Brandywine Valley.

My Medium

Clear Textured Raw Glass

I work with colored, clear, and beveled  glass manufactured in the U.S. and abroad. Each sheet of glass has its  own point of interest or "heart." I am often inspired by the glass  itself; I start with a design but always leave myself open to change as  suggested by the movement of the glass.  When  clients tell me that my glass looks like it was always meant to be  there, I'm gratified that I've helped them achieve their goal of  blending their new art into its surroundings.

My Inspiration


My creativity is nurtured by the beauty of  the glass, by architecture, and by nature. Most of all, I am inspired by  my clients' needs and wishes. I pride myself on producing unique  designs that incorporate my clients' tastes and vision, overlaid with my  artistic instincts.

Contact Me

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My work can be seen at Sea Grape Gallery, website here.  For appointments with me at my studio, please use the form to set up a visit.

Loretta Evans Art Glass

Sea Grape Artists Gallery, 113 West Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda, FL, USA